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All 4 Ella - Inside Out Umbrella - Racing Cars

All 4 Ella - Inside Out Umbrella - Racing Cars

New Era of Children’s & Adult Umbrellas Awaits You.

This ingenious technology of the inside out umbrella with gorgeous fun and bright designs is brought to you by All4Ella.

All4Ella have turned the traditional umbrella upside down, and inside out. Easier to use and much more practical. Super simple to get in and out or a car, doorway etc without getting wet.

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As it makes a waterproof cone when closed and all the wetness stays inside the umbrella and not on the floor.  No need to shake the umbrella out when you bring it into your car, as the wet surface folds away inside the umbrella The All4Ella Umbrella stands alone without having to lean against a wall or table.  Available in 8 attractive children’s designs 19 inches and 2 Adults 23 inches.