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Bobux I-Walk - Arcadia Blaze Girls Hi Action Shoe

Bobux I-Walk - Arcadia Blaze Girls Hi Action Shoe

The Blaze Hi Finch blaze, with nanomesh(tm), synthetic leather, and micro armour outer and cotton melange lining, is a real show stopper! The vibrant Finch not only makes these shoes look epic- but they are also designed to help your little one tell their left from right. If the birds are facing each other- the shoes are on the correct feet!

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 The animal design is also are made out of a handy water resistant fabric- which helps keep the water off during the colder winter months! These bad-boys also feature the new Bobux sole. Developed using the latest technology- the sole is designed to be super flexible, durable as well as provide enough grip on slippery surfaces. And for the cherry on top- these shoes also feature a scuff resistant, micro-armour toe cap which helps limit bumps and scuffs on the front of the shoe. Woo! These shoes are seriously awesome- developed and designed to be the perfect shoe for PLAY. Built on our custom I Walk last and in line with foot health best practice for the Toddler and Preschooler stage.