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Making the right choice for your child’s clothing is vital to the child as well as the environment. By promoting the use of organic cotton clothing, we can achieve the twin goals of a healthier environment and carcinogen free clothes for babies.
As caring parents and responsible citizens, we feel obliged to contribute our tiny share in creating a greener and more sustainable future for our babies. Our love for babies and nature coupled with a strong desire to offer something special gave birth to Tiny Twig.
Tiny twig creates and offers a variety of clothing products that cater to the special needs of new born babies during those precious months. Tiny twig provides the best of colours from certified organic dyes, soft durable fabrics and trendy styling which makes organic clothing fun to wear.
Tiny Twig is a safe and natural clothing alternative forming a graceful link in the production chain of organic cotton baby clothes. A green process starting from the

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