Passionate wool growers use a mixture of traditional and scientific grazing methods to raise their flock.

Australian superfine wool growers carefully select sheep with pure bloodlines and graze them on sustainable grasslands.

Highly prized and super soft, Australian Superfine Merino is the ultimate natural fibre. The most amazing secret of all is how it feels against the skin. Silky and smooth, with an unparalleled comfort factor, this wool can be worn directly next to the skin.

Superfine Merino breathes with the body; it warms you up when the temperature drops and helps to cool when you feel hot.

Founded in 1923, the Wangaratta Woollen Mills was created to provide a sustainable industry for the town, situated in regional Victoria.

Enduring through many changes, the mill remains an icon of the Australian textile manufacturing industry. They are the proud makers of Australian Superfine Merino for Cleckheaton.



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