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Bobux founders - Chris and Colleen Bennett, are a true New Zealand success story - “the best discoveries are right under your nose” and that was certainly the case for the couple.

Bobux began with Chris and Colleen’s quest in 1991 to find a soft flexible shoe that would stay on the feet of their 9 month old daughter, Chloe. At the time, the only offering was hard-soled shoes, that Chloe would not wear.

The first Bobux shoe was created using soft leather and suede and included elastic around the ankle to ensure the shoe actually stayed on and allowed Chloe's feet to develop naturally. That was it - the first Bobux Soft Sole was born!

"Bobux is a family business, with Chloe now a part of the team. Our retailers, agents, staff and everyone involved with Bobux are part of our extended family. It makes sense to us: it was our need as a family to find the right shoe for Chloe that launched an international business, and created a range of shoes that truly support the healthy development of little feet."


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