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Paola Reina is a company that is born in the bosom of a family in the foia of Castalla (Alicante) in 1994. 

Our sculptors, designers, stylists and professionals of this fantastic world are going to put in their hands babies and dolls of maximum quality, without phthalates, with perfume of vanilla, textiles of maximum quality, design and originality. All this is done in Europe: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and English textiles; German, Italian and Spanish hair; Spanish dressmaking; Spanish and German sculpture; Spanish, German and French design; and a Spanish production.

Since one sees it is a completely European company, that every year tries that more countries join the product development.

Creation and design.

The best specialists, with years of experience and knowledge of the process, take charge of the design and the creation of our dolls and its complements. Putting in their work wide technical and creative knowledge.


Our products are completely handmade. The decoration of the dolls (freckles, cheeks, lips etc.) as well as the hairstyles and the assembling of the complements are carried out in a completely manual form.

                                                                    For parents.


The used material comply with all the European regulations of quality and safety, excluding phthalates.


The eyes are of “crystal“, hard and transparent plastic.


It is a material (polyvinyl of chloride) to which we give the hardness that is convenient. In the present in this sector a softer material is used more to give the most pleasant tact. Also following the manufacturers' dolls traditions we add the perfume of vanilla during the production so that you dolls have this pleasant fragrance and fill room of your child with a delicate aroma of vanilla.


The soft dolls have the bodies stuffed with fireproof acrylic fibre.


The used textiles are of high quality, designed by our stylists. The colors and the used patterns reflect the personality of each doll.


The German or Italian hair that we use is of nylon of the first quality. We do not use the hair of polypropylene that is of low and easily flammable quality. The hair rooting is very dense and with a resistant sewing.

Dolls designed with heart and made with love.

Always with you  Paola Reina.


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